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Employment/Outplacement/Training and Executive Coaching Services

Mariana A. McNeill, Mana, through LeadersLearn (about us) provides executive coaching services; outplacement services; peer group training and facilitation; employment coaching; and leadership workshops and retreats. The hallmark of these various offering is flexibility and meeting the client where ever they are in their own development and experience continuum. All client relationships are guided by the needs and goals of the client (client testimonials).

Personal Info

Name Mariana McNeill, Mana
Twitter @coachmanamcn
Address 8720 Georgia Avenue, Suite 205, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone +1 (301) 529 8730


Mariana McNeill works both individually and in a group setting with clients to coach them in achieving professional and personal success. In this capacity, she plans, manages, and facilitates individual sessions, workshops and peer group meetings with an emphasis on identifying, setting, and achieving life and career goals. In 2007 she co-founded a non-profit, The Career Catchers, Inc., an organization providing career assistance to disadvantaged individuals. Her coaching and training business, LeadersLearn, which was started in 1999, grew out of the several years Mana worked for Inc. Magazine’s Eagles program coaching and training chief executives and their senior managers individually and in groups. Prior to that she spent nine years developing and maintaining an independent consulting practice, M&R Associates, focused on economic research and policy analysis. The consulting practice drew directly on twelve years of increasing senior level responsibility at The McGraw‑Hill Companies in various market research, planning, and management positions. After receiving her Master’s degree in counseling she worked in a private practice as a mental health counselor. She is a published author on many topics related to small business growth and development. Mana holds MA and Bachelor degrees in economics from Georgetown University and an MA in counseling from Seton Hall University.


  • Career Counselor - LeadersLearn (1999 - Present)

  • Executive Director - The CareerCatchers, Inc (2007 - Present)

    Assist client in identifying and reaching critical business and life goals

    Support clients who are exploring career development issues with career counseling, training, and employee development and career transition services

    Facilitate, lead, and develop peer group strategic planning sessions for senior executives and their managers

    Coach clients, both in one-on-one and group settings, to build on and enhance their innate resiliency and to set monitor, and achieve goals

    Develop and present workshops and training sessions on various topics relating to planning, leadership development, goal setting, resilience, and career transitions as well as on topics such as Federal Job Applications, Resume Writing, Interviewing, and other career-related topics

    Help clients interpret various assessment and interest inventories to assist with career and employment decisions

    Assist clients with all aspects of job search and career development

  • Center for Families in Transition, Counselor (2003 - 2006)

    Guided clients in the development of skills and strategies for dealing with their problems

    Counseled clients, individually and in group sessions, to assist in overcoming dependencies, adjusting to life, and making changes

    Collected information about clients through interviews, observation, and tests

  • Inc. Magazine, Inc. Eagles, Executive Director (8/1998 - 12/2001)

    Facilitated peer group meetings, a collaborative environment for sharing best practices, to help take small businesses to the next level

    Recruited, facilitated and coached CEOs and their executives in a peer group setting

    Coached CEOs in one-on-one sessions to identify, monitor, and reach business and personal goals

    Spearheaded new product initiatives and managed joint venture relations

  • M&R Associates, Co-Founder and Managing Partner (1/1989 - 8/1998)

    Managed, M&R Associates, an independent economic and management consulting practice focusing on economic research and analysis

    Participated in: new business development; proposal writing; research design development; research team management; final report writing; and customer service

    Worked closely with clients from Federal agencies, regional/state agencies and the private sector

    Project efforts ranged from estimating the level of small business investments made by public pension funds to providing litigation support on contract escalation clauses, including deposition and preparation of trial materials

  • McGraw‑Hill Financial Services Company, Senior Vice President (9/1985 - 1/1989)

    Reported directly to the company president

    Oversaw all aspects of planning, development and market research activities for McGraw‑Hill Financial Services Company, one of three principal operating companies of McGraw‑Hill, Inc

    Served on the company’s executive committee

    Recommended and managed strategic aspects of company acquisitions and divestitures

    Reviewed and made recommendations on medium range plans, venture fund projects, and new product initiatives

  • DRI/McGraw-Hill, Vice President, Cost and Defense Services (5/1977 - 8/1985)

    Directed the activities of DRI's Cost Forecasting Services and served as the primary client contact

    Oversaw the development of economic forecasts

    Created a series of indexes for use in state and local government budgeting and forecasting

    Produced several new cost products including regional health indexes

    Represented the company as an expert witness in various health care cost and utility rate hearings

    Managed a staff of 20 professionals located across three regional offices



    South Orange, NJ, Master’s in Counseling

  • Harvard Business School, McGraw-Hill, Inc.,

    Executive Management Program


    Master's in Economics -- Regional Economics, awarded a teaching fellowship


    Bachelor of Arts, Economics, Cum Laude


"The class was engaging, inspiring and motivating. It really helped me to clarify what I wanted (not always an easy thing to know) and then got me moving in the right direction. "
workshop participant

"I am now planning the next steps to achieving my objectives with more confidence and determination."

"The resume that you helped her create must have done the trick. Thanks for your help."

"It was a pleasure meeting with you last week. Your professional insight, coaching and encouragement went a long way! Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me."

"First I want to say, thank you for making time to meet w/ me; it was really great seeing you again, and I especially appreciated the advice you shared. As always your assistance is priceless to me."
Returning client

"I do thank you for your time, and everything that you do for me. only if you knew how much it means to me. Thank you so much Mana."
Long term client

"Thanks for your time and listening ears. I always enjoy speaking with you. You always offer different ways to look at things. Thanks for your confidence in me and constant reminder that I'm on the right track and how wonderful of a person I am. Words I seldom hear."
Returning client

"You really are so talented at counseling and I feel so grateful for having the opportunity to benefit from your skills. Thank you so much for your help, I really REALLY appreciate it."

Contact Info

8720 Georgia Avenue, Suite 205, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Phone: +1 (301) 529 8730

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Selected Service Offerings and Pricing Schedule

  • Employment and Outplacement Counseling
    • Weekly one-on-one session
    • Phone sessions as requested 
    • Email coaching as requested
    • Tools:
      • Creating and maintaining an on-line presence: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook 
      • Goal Setting and Identification of Skills and Abilities
      • Elevator Speech
      • Resume Development
      • Cover Letter
      • Effective Communications
      • Training Options
      • Job Search Strategies
      • Networking
      • Tracking Progress
      • Interviewing Skills
      • Negotiating the Offer
      • Transitioning to the New Job
    • $1000 per month plus a $250 intake fee in the first month
    • $200 per hour plus a $250 intake fee


  • One-on-one Executive Coaching
    • Weekly phone sessions 
    • Email coaching as requested
    • Tools to help executives:
      •  Define and visualize their business and personal goals to achieve optimum work/life balance—Achievement Letter
      • Develop a road map for reaching those goals—Monthly Scorecard
      • Take the steps necessary to achieve those goals—phone coaching
      • Monitor their progress toward attaining those goals—Monthly Scorecard
      • Adapt and adjust to the roadblocks they encounter—Resiliency Training 
    • $1200 per month
    •  Three month minimum commitment 


  • Peer Groups
    • Monthly group meetings 
    • Monthly one-on-one sessions
    • Email coaching as needed
    • Tools to help executives:
      • Define and visualize their business and personal goals—Achievement Letter
      • Develop a roadmap for reaching those goals—Monthly Scorecard
      • Take the steps necessary to achieve those goals—phone coaching
      • Monitor their progress toward attaining those goals—Monthly Scorecard
      • Adapt and adjust to the roadblocks they encounter—Resiliency Training
      • Key Issue Presentation and Feedback from group—Decision Blueprints
    • One year commitment, minimum of 8 participants
    • $14,600 per year per participant


  • Workshops and Retreats
    • Transitioning to Retirement
    • The Job of Finding a Job
    • Job Search Strategies 
    • Shaping Your Future: Focusing on Goals in a Chaotic World
    • Developing and Enhancing Organization and Personal Resilience
    • Goal Setting and Monitoring
    • Work Life Balance